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High impact, long term results for leaders and organizations

Capall Coaching & Consulting is a boutique leadership development company that offers intimate retreats and learning experiences for leaders & organizations who are committed to embracing their highest potential, and inspiring others to do the same.

We work with purpose driven individuals and teams who are ready to show up, lead by example and unlock the furthest edges of their potential. Like us, the people we work with view leadership as an act of service that amplifies their impact and makes the world a better place. They understand that the biggest shifts in leadership development happen when they align with the deeper truths of who they are, and are brave enough to step into a new way of leading – and being.


A proven approach that fosters real time shifts and lasting change

From a place of curiosity and personal integrity, the change makers we work with explore a dynamic model of leadership that exists beyond title or role. They learn to access their blind spots, track their inner wisdom and embody their unique leadership strengths. The transformations they experience are life changing, for them and the people and organizations they work with. 

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Team Retreats

Whether you're focus is leadership development, team building or addressing organizational challenges, our custom Equine Facilitated Retreats are designed to get you and your team from where you are to where you want to be.

One-on-One Intensives

For committed individuals who are ready to take a deep dive into growth and self discovery, we offer a limited number of Equine Facilitated Leadership Development Intensives throughout the year. 

Youth Programs

Through a combination of nature based learning, mindfulness and one of a kind experiences with horses, our youth Equine Facilitated Leadership Development and Equine Facilitated Wellness programs are tailored for a variety of ages and diversities.



Amplify Impact ~ Unleash Potential ~ Reduce Stress & Burn-Out

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Experience the transformation that comes from small, simple shifts within, that lead to exponential shifts in your team, your organization, your community and your life.

You’re a leader, business owner or organization who believes that people are what change the world, and the world is worth changing. You have a vision, and you’re invested in bringing it to life.

You’re not looking for cookie cutter methods or quick fixes, you’re looking to unearth a leadership model and business design that is unique to you, your team, and your organization. You're looking for a way of working – and being – that is rooted in being present, rather than being busy. You know that doing more isn’t always the answer, and you’re ready to try something different, something new.


You're ready for an approach that dives beneath the surface and addresses the unspoken truths that are limiting your potential. That meets you exactly where you are, and helps you align with what wants to unfold next. An approach that doesn’t give you all the answers, but shows you that the answers were within you all along. That empowers you and your team to lead from a place of personal integrity, inner wisdom and deep curiosity.


This is what we do.

Dr. Tonia Winchester, Brain-Based Transformation Coach

"I’m not a horse person, so initially I wasn’t sure how working with horses could help me, but I had some major AHAs which I’ve never connected in 20 years of this type of work. Jodine easily recognized my patterns with the horses and their pattern with me. 
She provides an immaculate safe space where people can show up as they are. It really is unparalleled. She means business, but is kind, client focused, compassionate and professional.”
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