Ready to take your partnership to the next level?

Gain confidence, clarity, and a new perspective, as you deepen your connection and address unwanted behaviours. 

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The barn is your sanctuary, and you love your horse.

You're seeking ways to calm the voice in your head, boost your performance, and have more fun in the saddle. 

You're ready to achieve those goals that seem just out of reach AND every now and then something happens and you think to yourself, if only my horse could talk...

Unlock Your Partnership Potential

Clarity & Perspective

Understand the mind, emotions, body language & nervous system of the horse.

Self Mastery

Strengthen your relationship with your own body, mind, emotions & nervous system.

True Partnership

Experience a deeper & more fulfilling partnership, with your horse as an equal.


I'm Jodine Buydens

I've loved horses for as long as I can remember, but my journey hasn't always been easy. I've worked through fear, frustration and wondering if I'd ever be good enough. But like you, I love horses too much to ever give up.

These days I'm an Equine Behaviour Specialist, author of If Your Horse Could Talk, and a Mindful Performance Coach. With over 20 years as a professional in the equine industry, I have a well rounded background in horsemanship, hunter/jumper and Equine Facilitated Wellness. 

How Can I Help You?

The Harmonious Horsemanship Course

An online mentorship into the world of the horse. We'll explore horse psychology, equine body language, the equine nervous system, and relationship based training concepts. 

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The Mindful Edge: An mPEAK Mentorship

Dive deep and master your mind, emotions and inner critic in this group coaching program tailored specifically for riders. It's a potent mixture of mindfulness, sports psychology & positive psychology

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The Mental Edge Toolbox

This self directed course is designed to power up your mental performance tool box. It includes 21 different exercises, tools and tactics to get you out of your head, into your body and connected with your horse.

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Jane Holderness Roddam

"Jodine's practical and common sense teaching makes it easy for her students to understand exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. It is then no big deal to progress rapidly with their new found knowledge and Jodine makes it fun as well as informational."

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The Undesirable Horse Behaviour Mini-Course

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The Calm & Confident Mini-Course

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Empower Your Partnership By Asking Why 

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Jennine Prowse

"It is so exciting to see them responding to the things I have learned in your class and the reading material you recommended. I am astounded at how far they have come with the gentle approach and body language techniques I am using. You couldn’t even approach, let alone touch, the horse I’m working with the first day but after a couple hours with him I groomed his entire body, picked his feet and used a spray bottle on his coat - without even putting a halter on him!

I owe you a huge thank you for all I have learned so far. It’s very rewarding to see these results! "

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