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When to push and when to pause

Apr 08, 2024

I think one of the trickiest things to figure out when we are working to gain confidence, working with fear or anxiety, or even just working towards a goal that is something we haven't done before, is figuring out when to push and when to pause. 

If I’m honest, this is one of those lessons I’ve learned the hard way. 

I never used to be able to decipher between when it was really time to push myself and not get caught up in limiting beliefs about myself, and when it was time to pause or take a step back to gather more information or regulate my nervous system.

How did I learn, you may be wondering?

By falling.

And getting myself in sticky situations with horses.

But I learned because I had great teachers, sensitive horses who let me know when I was pushing too hard. 

Who let me know when I was overriding my body and nervous system, along with all the valuable information they had to share with me.

Now my default was to push too hard, but yours may be never to push at all. To avoid at the first sign of discomfort. 

Same coin, different side.

The good news is AFTER I learned the hard way, I discovered the simple way. I learned the neuroscience of the nervous system, the mental performance strategies to work with those pesky thoughts that got in my way, and the mental performance strategies to help me get my mind, body and emotions working for me rather than against me.

If you're interested in learning more, check out this video!


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