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High impact, actionable experiences for leaders and organizations

Capall Coaching & Consulting is a boutique leadership development company that offers intimate retreats and learning experiences for leaders & organizations who are committed to embracing their highest potential, and inspiring others to do the same.

We work with purpose driven individuals and teams who are ready to show up, lead by example and unlock the furthest edges of their potential. Like us, the people we work with view leadership as an act of service that amplifies their impact and makes the world a better place. They understand that the biggest shifts in leadership development happen when they align with the deeper truths of who they are, and are brave enough to step into a new way of leading – and being.

A proven approach that fosters real time shifts and lasting change


From a place of curiosity and personal integrity, the change makers we work with explore a dynamic model of leadership that exists beyond title or role. They learn to access their blind spots, track their inner wisdom and embody their unique leadership strengths. The transformations they experience are life changing, for them and the people and organizations they work with.

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You and your team can explore…

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Mindful Performance Enhancement

Step outside the day to day  to reconnect. re-energize and learn alongside horses, nature and skilled leadership coaches.


Equine Facilitated Leadership Development

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Why work with horses?

You don't have to be a horse person to access the incredible impact available through working with these intuitive animals.

  • Horses don't care about your title or role, they care how you show up in each moment.
  • Horses give real-time, in the moment feedback. The moment you shift, they respond accordingly.
  • Horses live in the present moment. They don't care about story, they care about alignment.

Our Programs Include...

In Person Group Programs

Equine Facilitated Leadership Development

With horses as her co-facilitators, Jodine guides participants out of the environment that normally defines them, through the edges where they have been stuck and into their untapped potential. Potential themes include:

  • The Interdependence of a Team
  • A Culture of Belonging
  • Leadership from the Inside Out

Jodine will work with you to create a custom program designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and team.

Online Group Coaching Program

mPEAK: Mindful Performance 

mPEAK (Mindfulness, Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) is a mindfulness training program built around the latest brain research related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and “flow”.

  • Experiential Exercises & Formal Meditation Practices
  • Presentations (Philosophy & Science)
  • Dyads, Discussion & Group Coaching

mPEAK is a cutting-edge training program developed at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness, and incorporates elements of sports psychology, positive psychology and specific exercises formulated to correspond to recent neuroscientific findings and related research regarding optimal performance.  

Online, Self Directed Program

The Mindful Edge

Specifically designed to support participants of our EFLD programs as they integrate and take action on their learning, shifts and unique insights. Modules include:

  • Understanding Interdependence
  • Training Resilience
  • Training Emotional Intelligence & Agility
  • Training Focus & Attention
  • Training Self Compassion
  • Training Self Awareness
  • Training Curiosity

Participants will explore how continuing to develop these skills will enhance their impact as leaders, team members and as an interconnected member of a bigger community.

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I'm Jodine Buydens

I learned my leadership skills from 1200 lb animals, mastered my mental performance with mindfulness, and know that real shifts happen when we include the nervous system, whether we are breaking old patterns or creating new ones.

I'm passionate about supporting purpose-driven leaders as they explore the furthest edges of their potential, and align with the deeper truths of who they are. I'd love to share more so you can see if we're a fit!

"It was extremely valuable to bring our school leaders together in a safe and un-familiar setting. I was impressed, surprised and excited about how the groups quickly began to work together."

- Leanne Schultz, Director of Human Resources, West Point Grey Academy

"One of the things I appreciate about Jodine is she understands great teaching starts with the understanding of the self and the impact it can have on learning when we do. She weaves that into how and what she teaches."

- Lisa Arie, Founder Vista Caballo

"One of the things I appreciate about Jodine is she understands great teaching starts with the understanding of the self and the impact it can have on learning when we do. She weaves that into how and what she teaches."

- Dr. Tonia Winchester, Brain-Based Transformation Coach

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