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It's okay to not be okay

Oct 18, 2023

It's okay to not feel okay. We are in a time of transitions. What used to work no longer does, in many situations and aspects of our lives. And as happens with transitions, the endings of how things used to be unfold before a new way has fully become formed.

Like the chrysalis stage of a butterfly, one way of being begins to dissolve as another begins to form, leaving us suspended in the unknown. It is normal to feel uncomfortable. It is normal to feel vulnerable. And it is normal to feel scared, especially when we reach for our societal go to of doing more and discover it is no longer yielding the results that we once expected.

We are being challenged to question the cultural norms of burnout, overwhelm and looking outside ourselves for answers. In times like these, when we so badly want to push through, run or skip to the next stage, the best thing to do can actually be to pause, breathe, notice what is happening and track what wants to happen next.


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