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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Oct 18, 2023

Whether we chose it as an individual, or we are experiencing it as a result of the pandemic and many other global circumstances, we are all navigating change as part of our daily experience. With change comes discomfort, as we let go of old ways of being and either resist or lean into new ways.

Sitting with this discomfort. without having to be in it or attach to it, allows it to move, shift and transform. When we push it down it gets stuck in our system, influencing us even if we refuse to acknowledge it. When we are "in it" we attach to the discomfort and the stories we connect to it, reinforcing the old patterns associated with it.

When we use mindfulness to sit with it, noticing it without attachment, tracking its sensations in our body, we give it the freedom to share its voice with us without taking it on as our voice, our story or our truth. We see it for its impermanence, acknowledging its function to protect us, and deciphering if it's relevant to our immediate safety or simply an outdated pattern that no longer serves our best interest.


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