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The Myth of Balance

leadership Feb 29, 2024

You've probably realized by now that a LOT of my stories and life lessons include horses. I've loved them for as long as I can remember, but the early days had their challenges.

And by challenges, I mean I fell off. Over and over. As in, my record was three times in one day. From the same pony. In an hour long ride.

People often think riding horses is easy, but it takes a lot of balance and coordination. When I first started riding I was scared. I worried about falling off, and about not being in control. 

The more I worried, the more I tensed up. This made learning to balance in the canter even more difficult. I lost my balance over and over, until finally I learned how to keep it and stay on. 

The same has been true about finding balance in my life. 

So I've made a little video for you with some thoughts on how to deal with the ever elusive balance that so many of us are chasing in life. 


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