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Taming your gremlins, AKA Mindful Performance

Apr 02, 2024

When I say mindful performance people often have this visual of sitting on a meditation pillow with their eyes closed looking for clarity and peace, and trying to positively think their way to success. 

Meanwhile for me when I say the word mindful performance, I have the exact opposite visual. I imagine talking to that part of myself that may be struggling a little bit at the moment saying, “Come on, let’s be great. It's time to wrangle some gremlins, do what we need to do, get dirty, have some fun and challenge ourselves. 

Because for me, mindful performance is a way that we can build resilience, build competence, and learn how to challenge but also be kind with the parts of ourselves that are struggling. 

And how we do that is by starting to learn to work with our body, our nervous system, our thoughts and our emotions, and get them working for us rather than against us. 

Watch this video for an example of what that looks like.


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