The Harmonious Horsemanship Course

Exploring a deeper and more fulfilling partnership with horses.


Discover the Horse's Perspective

Learn how to connect through mutually beneficial relationships:

  •  The dynamic model of equine leadership
  • The body language of horses
  • Horse psychology
  • Understanding the nervous system

November 27 ~ December 7, 2023

Live online classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm-6:30pm PST.


The Harmonious Horsemanship 

course includes…

  • Four live online classes
  • Online portal with videos & lessons
  • Optional hands on workshop add on

The live online classes will be recorded in case you miss one or want to dive deeper.


The Harmonious Horsemanship Course

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Are You Ready To Deepen Your Connection?

There is a place deep in our souls where horses touch us and awaken our hearts. This course shares a way of being with horses that
honours our equine partners, as well as ourselves. You’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate more clearly with horses
  • Understand what your horse is saying
  • Support a happy and willing equine partner

This course is a compilation of concepts, methods, tools and education designed to help participants discover what works best for them and the horses they interact with.

What's Included In The Course...


Horse Psychology

Understanding where horses are coming from is an essential part of creating meaningful relationships with them. This includes understanding:

  • Horses as a species
  • Horses as individual and emotional beings
  • Horses in the human world

This module dives into how horses think, learn and process information, as well as understanding the natural instincts of horses.


Equine Body Language

The body language of horses is used by both domestic and wild horses. Whether we mean to or not, we are communicating through body language every time we are with a horse. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The body language of horses
  • The keys to body language
  • Body language in every day interactions

Discover how horses converse through body posture, positioning, distance, movement, expression of body parts, energy and intent.


The Human Component

Communication is a meeting place for two beings to share their thoughts, perceptions, emotions and experiences. How you show up matters, so let's explore:

  • The language of energy
  • Self awareness
  • Understanding impact

By creating harmony within our own minds, bodies and spirits, we open the door for harmony in our relationships with horses.


It's About Partnership

Partnerships are created when two beings come together on common ground. In this module you'll explore how to find common ground through:

  • Leadership in the horse/human herd
  • Essential lessons for horses
  • Simple concepts for great horsemanship

At its best, horsemanship is a playground where connection, growth, joy and learning come together.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You love horsemanship and groundwork
  • You're an EFW professional or candidate
  • You ride for pleasure or to compete
  • You're the parent of a horse crazy kid
  • You simply love horses!

I'm Jodine Buydens

I'm an Equine Behaviour Specialist, author of If Your Horse Could Talk, and Pro-EFW Dual Certified Equine Professional, Learning Professional and Mentor. A lifelong horsewoman, I have dedicated my career to empowering and improving the lives of horses and humans through education, communication, and the depth of connection found through my teachings.

With over 20 years as a professional in the equine industry, I have a well rounded background in horsemanship, hunter/jumper and Equine Facilitated Wellness. 

"Jodine's practical and common sense teaching makes it easy for her students to understand exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. It is then no big deal to progress rapidly with their new found knowledge and Jodine makes it fun as well as well as informational."

- Jane Holderness Roddam

"What is important in Jodine's training methods is her consideration, making the journey safe, reasonable and heart centered, holding the well-being of the horse above the agenda of the human."

- Liz Mitten Ryan

"Jodine is deeply connected with horses. She combines this gift with an inquiring mind and the willingness to explore. She has done her research in the horse world, psychology, human dynamics and neuroscience. Horses understand Harmonious Horsemanship and benefit from this approach. "

- Deborah Marshall

The Harmonious Horsemanship Course

Online Course Only


Harmonious Horsemanship Hands On Workshop

Date (Early 2024) & Vancouver Island Location TBA

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